Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I payed for the subscription and haven't received a license code.
A: Once you go through the online payment process you should be redirected to our site displaying your unique subscription code. This is why we ask you not to hit back or refresh the page during the checkout process.
Please contact us, specifying your transaction ID if you haven't received your code and we'll recover it for you.

Q: How can I add images to the document?
A: In order to display pictures on the web the image files need to be uploaded to a web server and added to the HTML document with an <img> tag. Currently you can't upload images to our server so upload the files to your own server or use a thrid party host like PostImage.io or ImgSafe.org

Q: How to save the edited document to my computer?
A: Create a .html or .txt file on your computer, open it with Notepad (or any other text editor), copy-paste the HTML code from the online editor and save the file.

Q: How to edit/publish the articles on my website?
A: If your website is using a CMS (Content Management System) then you have to log in as admin/publisher to be able to post or edit articles. The process varies for every CMS, follow the link to see how to write posts in WordPress.
You can also save the content as an .html file and upload it to your web server.
Please contact your webmaster if you have difficulties publishing the articles.

Q: Am I the copyright holder of the documents I edit?
A: You are free to edit any document and you will be the the owner of the generated code, even after the license period expires.

Q: How does the Save work?
A: This feature is available for our subscribers only. Once you hit the save icon your document and all current settings are saved to our cloud server. You can later load these from any other device using the same subscription code. The Save feature is disabled for shared and educational licenses, otherwise the users could access each others saved documents.

Q: Is there an offline editor?
A: There's no offline version but the program needs internet connection only when you load the page. After that you can disconnect because all operations (except Save and Load) are executed on the client side.

Q: I've lost my license code, how can I recover it?
A: We want to make the HTML editor easily accessible so we don't use registration and login on the website. To recover your lost license code please forward us your PayPal payment confirmation. We will do this for free but fees may apply for the second time.

Q: Can I share my subscription URL with my friends?
A: According to our Terms and Conditions every regular license URL can be used from 3 different computers/platforms in the span of one week. Special licenses can be used by more users. Sharing you subscription will allow access to your saved documents. We will suspend the license in case of misuse.

Q: I converted tables to div elements. Why don't they render like tables?
A: The structured DIV block elements by themselves won't look like a table once converted. You need to apply a CSS code for this. Please find the sample stylesheets here: Convert HTML tables and lists to DIV.

Q: I would like to find out more about the operation of the WYSIWYG editor.
A: HTMLG is using tinymce. You can find the documentation here.

Q: What are the benefits of buying a subscription license?
A: Subscribers can access all features of the site anytime during the subscription period. They are able to save their settings, and they are not shown ads.

Q: I can't work with large files
A: We didn't set a limit allowing you to process large articles but these might freeze your browser depending on your computer performance. The source character counter turns red when the size of the source code reaches a critical limit.

Q: Can I use the HTMLG code on my own site? Is there an api?
A: Not yet, but we're planning to publish a free script.

Q: I'd like to upload this editor to my own website or intranet.
A: This is currently not possible.

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