HTML G - Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines our general policy and practices for the types of information HTML G gathers, how we use it and the notice and choice affected individuals have regarding our use of and their ability to correct that information. HTML G will not sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information without your consent. It is our overriding privacy principle that any personal information you provide to us is just that: personal and private.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies on the website to collect anonymous user statistics and to show personalised pages settings. We use these to improve the user experience and it allows us to track our subscribers so it's not recommended to turn them off. We included a Cookie Notification in the footer of every page.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics service to collect anonymous statistics about our visitors. Please read their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details.


We use PayPal to handle secure online payments. Please see their Privacy Policy for more details.


Users are given the possibility to subscribe to certain features of the website for a specified period of time. The subscription process and the use of the subscription don't require registration and login so we don't store personal data about our users. Subscribers have to go through a Paypal payment process which generates a custom URL containing their identification code.

Saved settings

Subscribers have the possibility to save their settings and content, which is stored on our server and can be accessed by third parties. To prevent this, users can choose not to save their content or not to save private information.


The email addresses we gather through contact forms and general enquiries can be used for advertising purposes or sending other informations about our product.

Last modified: 24.10.2016